Nutrition and microbiome
factors for mental health
Our health, including our mental well-being, is the result of a multitude of factors, including the complex interactions between our unique genes and the environment.
Tips to get a better sleep
A lack of quality sleep is linked to nearly all major disease of aging—heart disease, obesity, dementia, diabetes, and cancer. As doctors, we place a heavy focus on attaining deep, restorative sleep. In fact, it’s non-negotiable.
Prolonged stress can lead to hormone imbalance
Stress is pervasive and has reached unprecedented levels during the past year. Pandemic stress has particularly impacted women at higher rates than men. That’s because women are more often caregivers for children and the elderly.
The Facts about DNA Testing
The topic of home genetic testing comes up quite frequently with our patients. Should you get them done? What does the data mean? Should you change your behaviours based on your genes?
Isolation Linked to Women’s Heart Health
Did you know that loneliness and isolation affect our physical and mental health? The mind and the body cannot be separated. When our beliefs and thoughts negatively impact our mental health, our physical body feels the effects.
When Health is Impaired by Environment
Our collective health, as individuals and as communities, is inextricable from the health of our planet as a whole. And maybe now more than ever before, we can see the negative effects of environment on the state of human health
Resilience; an Integrative Perspective
Life on earth has survived through billions of years because of its ability to adapt to changes. All living things today are the product of this evolutionary intelligence. We wouldn’t be here reading this article if we didn’t have resilience.
Treating Male Pattern Hair Loss
Male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, can start any time after puberty. You may be thinking to yourself that 20 seems early for hair loss to start, however that’s the reality for nearly a fifth of all men.
The Doctor is in. Why aren’t we seeing them?
Back at the end of March, we were already concerned about reports that the general public was avoiding needed medical care because of pandemic concerns. But now, at the beginning of June, not much has changed.
COVID-19 and your Integrative Prevention Strategy
Apart from supportive care, there are currently no effective therapies for COVID-19 infection. It is, therefore, more important than ever to shift our focus towards a sound prevention strategy.
Connections + Love = Immune System Tonic
We’re definitely in uncharted territory as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Most of us have never known war or a pandemic in our lifetime. How are you holding up? Hopefully, well. But it’s hard.
Consult a Doctor Online
Now you can consult a licenced Doctor online and in the comfort of your own home. It's safe and secure and a great way to stay home during the pandemic response.