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Skin conditions occur for many reasons and can affect patients of all ages. The skin is the body’s first system of defense and is a large detoxification pathway. This makes the skin incredibly important, but also vulnerable. Conditions like acne, scarring, rosacea, discoloration, psoriasis and eczema are all very common.

At Pure Integrative Pharmacy, we will work together to create individualized, integrative protocols for our patients. We also help target the root cause of the skin condition by providing diet and lifestyle recommendations. This method of treating such skin conditions has proven to be the most effective for our patients.

Compounded preparations can be an incredibly useful part of such protocols. Many medications for skin conditions are commercially available. Yet, they can be very expensive and are not accessible to everyone. Not only that, these medications are not individualized for the patient. Compounded skin treatments can address a patient's particular skin-type, sensitivities, and the severity of their condition.

Many people come into Pure Integrative Pharmacy seeking help for these types of skin conditions. One of these patients was Laura, a 32-year-old woman who struggled with eczema for over twenty years. We recommended a therapeutic dose of omega-3, and Bob’s Derma Calm cream. Additionally, our natural health advisor suggested an anti-inflammatory diet for Laura. Since visiting Pure, Laura has seen a huge improvement in her condition and overall well being. Not only does an integrative approach to health help improve the appearance of the skin, but the nutritional recommendations benefit the whole body and can help with the emotional repercussions that can come with skin disorders, as well.

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